Korin Nature Farming

Brazilian company founded in 1994. Its corporate vision is based on the concept of Nature Farming developed by Mokiti Okada, which is focused on the perfect balance between preservation and use of natural resources.

Korin was established with the purpose of contributing to a healthier life, in harmony with the environment throughout the whole country.
The company is a pioneer in the development of a number of products such as Sustainable Chicken (antibiotic-free) and eggs with animal welfare certification. It has become a benchmark in the development of agricultural technologies and animal husbandry.
  • "Whenever possible, eat organic or free-range chicken, or look for brands that do not use growth promoters or antibiotics, such as Korin.  "

    Dr. Gustavo Vilela, physician

  • "Korin's staff provides us with information on animal husbandry, checks that the animals are healthy, their environment is clean, and they have enough space."

    João Rossi, farmer

  • "Nature Farming and organic farming are strong allies to maintain and promote health and quality of life. It is the path to a sustainable balance in the environment."

    José Maria, journalist

  • "Many patients with allergy and low immunity were treated only with a balanced diet with organic products."

    Mauro Tarandach, nutrition specialist


Sustainable, organic and natural foods that promote health and well-being of its consumers and producers.