Antibiotic Free

frangos af recortados

Korin chickens do not receive antibiotics (neither as medication nor as performance enhancers), chemotherapy drugs, and anticoccidial drugs.  They are raised in poultry houses with a density of up to 30 kg/m² in a controlled environment.  Their feed does not contain ingredients of animal origin. This high-quality feed is achieved by means of careful nutritional balance and excellent raw materials, purchased directly from producers, as it is the case for most corn and soy.  Natural methods are used to foster the health of animals, such as probiotics (beneficial bacteria that act in the intestinal environment), plant extracts, essential oils, and organic acids.  That is, quality begins in the farm with the monitoring of farmers, resulting in great management and healthy chickens.

Each farm  has trained farmers who are responsible for the maintenance of appropriate conditions of temperature, humidity, distribution of feed, and for the chickens’ health. A field technician pays weekly visits to check farming performance, health aspects, and compliance with Korin’s farming standards, including animal welfare.

The AF chickens are certified as antibiotic-free animals that do not receive animal origin ingredients as part of their feed. This certification is granted by WQS Certificações de Produtos, according to the Standards for Production, Slaughtering, and Laboratory Control of Certificate Alternative Chicken issued by the Association of Alternative Poultry Farming – AVAL, in Portuguese.


  • Whole Chicken
  • 600-g trays, several cut-up parts