Frozen Trout Fillets

Light and healthy meal at your table.

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Korin launches Sustainable Trout Fillet, free of antibiotics, hormones, chemotherapeutics and dyes, which marks the company’s debut in the fish market.
Production is carried out in Serra da Mantiqueira – MG, specifically in the municipality of Sapucaí Mirim, located in the Pouso Alegre microregion. The fish are raised in cold water tanks, with an aeration system (ventilation), a suitable environment for the species, which guarantees the well-being and survival of the animal.
The fillets are obtained from rainbow trout of the Oncorynchus Mykiss species and have a white color with a slightly light pinkish hue characteristic of this fish.
Rich in protein and omega 3, trouts have sustainable cultivation in a preserved area and fish farmers have their own feed factory, which remains unchanged throughout the lives of animals.
The product is marketed under the Korin brand, in partnership with the company NR Trutas, which operates in the sustainable fish market since 1990. The NR currently carries out the slaughter of 8 thousand trout per day, equivalent to 2 thousand kilos of filet , Which supply the company’s partners on a daily basis.
The industry also has a genetics center where chambers separate the eggs from the fish so that their development is safer, thus avoiding gender alterations. Prior to slaughter, trout also pass through a cold water tank where they are numbed, so they do not feel any type or level of pain. After slaughtering, which is carried out semi-manually, the steaks are cut, sorted by weight and packed individually, before freezing.
“This was a protein that we had not yet had in the mix and that was much demanded by our consumers. So we went after this project and now the consumer has access to a totally natural and healthy trout. Our expectation with this product is excellent, “explains the commercial director of the company, Celso Morinaga.
The product is now available all over Brazil in 500g packages with vacuum frozen fillets.
Trout has a high nutritional value and high content of proteins, calcium, phosphorus, minerals, vitamins and Omega 3. It also has few calories, which makes it a good choice for dieting and for reducing bad cholesterol ( LDL), harmful to the heart.





  • Rich in protein and omega 3 source
  • Free of chemicals and dyes



  • 500g packages