Nourishing people, in its essence, is the foundation for building an ideal society.

Nourishing people, in its essence, is the foundation for building an ideal society.

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Produced using technologies based on Nature Farming principles with utmost respect for the environment, from soil use practices to human and animal welfare.
Korin Organic


It is more than a food. It is the choice of a lifestyle. Is good for you and good for the world!

Korin Boa Pedida - Free of genetically modified grains

(Good Choice)

We were born to do good and do it right. Our birds are raised as naturally as possible.

Korin Que tal?

(What About?)

A process that rescues what is most natural: families producing food in a sustainable way.

About Korin

Founded in 1994, Korin emerged with the aim of contributing to a healthier life, in harmony with the environment, which can be extended throughout Brazil.

Pioneer in a number of products currently commercialized, the company has become a reference in the development of agricultural livestock technologies.

Korin is recognized and remembered by consumers due to their poultry production free of antibiotics and anticoccidials, as well as the animal welfare-certified eggs.

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Recipes and news for you who want to maintain a nutritious diet and a healthier lifestyle.


Korin in Brazil

Present in all the Brazilian states, Korin products can be found at Korin stores and retail chains, and are consumed in numerous restaurants.


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See the several certifications received by Korin during these 25 years.