Benefits of nature farming in the corporate culture

em 23 de Aug de 2023

by Ariane Melo – Organizational and Human Development Manager, Korin Group

Ariane Melo, Organizational and Human Development Manager, Korin Group

As complete and complex human beings all of us cultivate our dreams, goals and needs, which fall within the various contexts we live in.

Whether in personal, family or professional spheres, we are committed to purposes as they are what motivates us to get out of bed every morning focused on reaching our goals.

Maslow (1908-1970), an American psychologist, proposed through his studies a hierarchy of human needs suggesting that we have five basic categories of needs:


  • Physiological needs are the most basic of Maslow’s hierarchy as they are the essentials people need for physical survival. Examples include food and drink.
  • Safety needs include personal security, job security, health and well-being, etc.
  • Love and social needs include the needs for love, friendship, affection and social interaction.
  • Esteem needs refer to one’s desire for self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect and respect from others.
  • Self-actualization needs are in the top level of the pyramid and involves achieving a sense of morality, sense of belonging and sense of mission.

Since the beginning almost 30 years ago, Korin has been practicing and promoting the Nature Faming method, advocated by the Japanese thinker Mokichi Okada (Japan, 1882-1955) in the 1930s. This method favors the perfect balance between human health, care with the farmers and use of natural resources. The principles of Nature Faming respond to all we need and seek as human beings, reaching all levels of the hierarchy in a harmonious and natural way.

What we do here at Korin group is much more than just working and we strive every day to fulfill the mission of building a better world. This purpose goes beyond producing and commercializing high-quality products to final consumers.

Part of Korin team in our production unit in Ipeúna, São Paulo

We are committed to altruism, health, gratitude, spirituality, passion to serve and respect for life and the environment. This commitment puts us at the highest level of the pyramid of basic needs. Thus, by scaling up the pyramid we put ourselves in a high level of self-fulfillment, as well as personal and professional satisfaction.

Every day, we aim for constant improvement and mastery in the fulfillment of our needs through our routine activities, keeping it properly aligned and harmonious as everything fits!

Korin. Since always, in various contexts, doing good naturally.

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