Since the beginning almost 30 years ago, Korin has been a pioneer in poultry farming without the use of antibiotics, anticoccidials and genetically modified grains, always ensuring animal welfare. These differentials have been proven through various certifications. Learn more.

Produto Orgânico Brasil


It identifies organic products whose conformity assessment is carried out by agents accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) through audits.

Humane Brasil - Bem-estar Animal

Animal Welfare

It ensures that poultry farming follows a strict animal welfare protocol, including balanced nutrition, shelter, resting areas and spaces that allow the manifestation of animal’s natural behavior.



NAAU is the acronym for “No Antibiotics and No Anticoccidials Used”. This certification was designed to guarantee that products are free of any synthetic substances that intentionally affect animal’s physiology.

IBD – Free of Genetically Modified Organisms

IBD – Free of Genetically Modified Organisms

It guarantees that the product is free of genetically modified ingredients. In the case of Korin, it attests that the birds are fed diets free of genetically modified grains.

Logo Halal Food Verde


The Halal concept is not purely and simply a religious requirement; it also covers aspects of the healthiness of the food. The Halal seal carries information that the certified product is legal, from religious aspects; it is safe, from a food safety point of view, guaranteeing confidence in Halal food to the consumer, whether they are Muslim or not.
Korin Alimentos has a history of producing healthy foods and now joins the Muslim community by offering a new product concept, Halal Korin chicken.
AVAL – Brazilian Association of Alternative Poultry Production

AVAL – Brazilian Association of Alternative Poultry Production

It aims to strengthen the representativeness of farmers in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, in poultry associations, and to consumers by taking actions to protect product quality and ensuring the integrity and credibility of the production systems.

Selo EuReciclo - Verde


Eu Reciclo seal ensures that Korin carries out environmental compensation, which means the company diverts to recycling amounts equivalent to the volume of material used to produce the packaging of our products. Korin currently compensates 100% of the packaging material.



It attests the quality of the products investigated at the Mokichi Okada Research Center (CPMO), ensuring the adoption of unique and sustainable production practices.