Chicken barbecue: check 5 options suggested by Korin

em 28 de Dec de 2023

The national passion has got some news to make your meal even tastier!

If you are a fan of chicken barbecue and don’t give up on practicality, you need to know Korin products.

In the following article, we selected five options for your Korin chicken barbecue.


Korin chicken barbecue: sustainable and organic

Korin chicken cuts are available in two different product lines: Organic and sustainable Boa Pedida (Good Choice).

The products from both lines are obtained from birds reared without the use of GMOs or antibiotics. Also, Korin is the only company in Brazil that has been granted NAAU (No Antibiotics and No Anticoccidials Used) certification, which attests that the birds are free of anticoccidials or any synthetic substances that could affect body’s functioning and health.

In the Organic product line, birds are fed a unique feed produced by Korin containing certified organic grains and without the addition of animal products. Our products have received the organic seal from IBD, which is the largest certifier in Latin America.

In addition, our production is committed with animal welfare and sustainability.


Korin chicken barbecue: practicality on the plate

Seasoned options for you to prepare or ready for consumption. Check Korin suggestions for your barbecue:

1) Chicken sausage with herbs – Boa Pedida (Good Choice)

Korin chicken sausage is seasoned with natural ingredients such as salt, onion, garlic, thyme, oregano and nutmeg, without the use of monosodium glutamate.

Available in the Boa Pedida (Good Choice) sustainable line.


2) Chicken skewers– Boa Pedida (Good Choice)

Produced in the versions pepper chicken sausage, drumstick fillets, hearts, mid wings and breast fillets, Korin skewers are already seasoned with natural ingredients, without the use of monosodium glutamate.

Available in the Boa Pedida (Good Choice) sustainable line.


3) Chicken thighs, drumettes and mid wings – Organic and Boa Pedida (Good Choice)

Frenched drumettes and mid wings, also known as chicken tulips, are available in the appetizer version in both Organic and Boa Pedida (Good Choice) lines. They are already seasoned with natural ingredients.

The chicken thighs are part of the Organic line and are ready to be seasoned and roasted.

Through the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technology the cuts are individually frozen, which maintains their shape, texture and taste, besides preventing them from sticking together and then making them easy to portion.

4) Half chicken – Boa Pedida (Good Choice)

In the ideal size for your barbecue, the half chicken version is ready to be seasoned and roasted.


5) Roasted products – Boa Pedida (Good Choice)

If time is short for you to prepare the barbecue, there are many options.

Korin has just launched a line of seasoned roasted chicken products ready for consumption and available in the versions: drumsticks and thighs, mid wings, half chicken, and drumettes.

Each cut is seasoned with a mix of natural ingredients, including onion, garlic and salt, which makes them taste homemade.

Like other prepared meals, you just have to heat the product in the oven or microwave before serving.

Learn more about Boa Pedida (Good Choice) roasted products ()

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