Brazilian company founded in 1994. Its corporate vision is based on the concept of Nature Farming developed by Mokichi Okada, which is focused on the perfect balance between preservation and use of Nature resources.

A pioneer company in raising Antibiotic-Free Chicken (AF) – without antibiotics and artificial growth promoters.
We integrate ecological and social values for the production of natural foods (agrochemical-free).

We encourage and provide technical advice to farmers with the purpose of strengthening sustainable family farms. We use and transfer innovative technological initiatives that can generate economic and social development. Our work is based on partnerships within an integration system with 36 small and medium-size farms, which we provide with technologies for the practice of Nature Farming.

We are committed to developing a fair farming practice that is able to offer pure foods without damaging farmers and consumers’ health, protecting the environmental integrity.
We are aware of the ethical responsibility of ensuring not only the quality of our products, but also the quality of the origin of our products.