Animal Welfare Seal, Humane Certified

Korin’s production of Nature chickens was pioneer in Brazil and in the world because it anticipated many aspects that are currently considered of great importance, which are now adopted by other companies in the sector, such as refusal to use antibiotics, growth promoters, and other chemotherapy and anticoccidial drugs, commonly used in poultry farming.

In an attempt to adapt to the principles governing the production of Nature foods, Korin was a pioneer in terms of innovation, which has established as essential for good nutrition. The concepts and principles of Nature Farming were put into practice in the production models developed by Korin. These principles have been shown to promote significant technological innovations in farming. One of the aspects that characterize these innovative models was also present in Korin’s egg production. According to this model, chickens are not kept in cages, they can walk, peck, spread their wings to cool off, lay the eggs in individual nests, and perch. The animals establish social and hierarchical relationships that promote a sense of safety. The resulting harmony translates into health and strength for the animals that finally express this the eggs they lay. Thus, the observation of Nature behaviors and well-being factors were our focus from the start in Korin’s model. This has attracted the attention of the national and international research community and industry professionals.


As a result, Korin was awarded the certification of Animal Welfare of the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), which is a certification protocol granted to  production companies that implement and follow strict rules related to animal welfare. These standards ensure an antibiotic-free balanced diet; shelter and rest area for the animals where they can express their Nature behavior. These animals live a happy life. Our activities of antibiotic-free, organic, free-range chicken husbandry and slaughtering, layer hens farming, and pig husbandry are certified by the certification body Ecocert.