Principles and Values

  • Respect for the Consumer

It is the focus of our internal and external actions. We respect the consumers when we provide them with healthy foods, continuously trying to producer better products;

  • Health Concerns

We seek to achieve the state of True Health in farming and human life. We produce natural foods with high biological value and safe for people’s health because we care about the health of our consumers and the health of the planet;

  • Respect for the Environment

In harmony with Nature, we learn about its mechanisms and contribute to preserve the future. Korin’s production system is based on respect for the environment and the Laws of Nature. We do not want to pollute and harm the environment. This will allow us to provide better quality of life to all human beings;

  • Business Ethics and Integrity

Sincerity, honesty, and respect for the law are the focuses of our relations with employees, customers, and suppliers. Business ethics and integrity in labor and tax relations shall ensure the image of a reputable company, which has been achieved throughout years of serious and transparent work;

  • Quality

Increased efficiency and satisfaction of internal and external customers is our constant goal. Quality is the guiding principle for all the efforts of our team;

  • Valued Farmers

Improving the farmers’ quality of life is essential to build a balanced society. Valuing the farmers, who are the fundamental part of the process, ensures the support of the entire production chain. We prioritize the farmers’ health and well-being;

  • Innovation

Korin’s practice of respect for nature created a new concept of agribusiness. Even being a pioneer in its sector, Korin continues to evolve in terms of ideas and technology

  • Spirituality

This is a very comprehensive and wide concept because we recognize the existence of feelings and spirit in everything: animals, vegetables, and other beings. Union, competent work, and spirituality generate increasingly positive results, ensuring the viability of the activity. Recognizing the spiritual mission of foods means to help increase their quality and biological value. Food is life;

Pioneering and Broadcast Technology

Korin is one of the first companies to invest in the production of foods using Nature Farming at a large scale, thus encouraging farmers and other companies to follow its lead. We promote the natural method of production in order to provide the population with better quality of life. We learn and teach, collaborating and building partnerships;

  • Social Responsibility

Our work aims to transform society in a positive manner, to achieve peace, justice, and health through a healthy diet. We take our social responsibility by helping to preserve the health of farmers and encouraging the sustainability of their production;

  • Teamwork and Participation of Employees

The company’s success depends on people’s creativity and motivation. The employees play a very important role in this production chain because their participation is perceived in the quality of our products;

  • Efficiency

By respecting the principles of the Laws of Nature, Korin constantly seeks to achieve efficiency;

  • Respect for the employees

Our company’s ethical principles and integrity lead us to worry about our employees and suppliers’ diet/health;

  • Focus on clients

From the start of production to the points-of-sales, Korin is concerned to offer its customers with truly reliable products. Korin produces high-quality natural products always thinking about its main reason to exist. Its main reason to exist is its customers.