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With over 250 years of harmonious coexistence with nature, animal husbandry in the Pantanal of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul offers a very tasty beef as a result of herds’ green feeding. The cattle eat native pastures throughout their life, consisting of vegetables without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or urea.

Because these animals are fed grains to gain weight only in the last months of life, this system allows a reduction of 90% of anthelmintics used in conventional farming.Primeira produção de carne orgânica 12800207_926246417490459_3454702507944418106_n12790884_926246234157144_2405099243760824706_n

The herd lives in harmony with the regional flora and fauna and receives no antibiotics and hormones.  Anthelmintics are strategically used.  In addition, the animals are not confined and live with native wildlife species, such as feral pigs, deer, emus, armadillos, and jabirus.  Thus, each heifer has an area of 3 hectares to express their natural behavior and feed, just like the other animals.mix-carne-organica


Studies indicate that 98% of the natural resources used in cattle raising are renewable, therefore the animal husbandry practiced in the Pantanal region is a sustainable system.  According to Embrapa – Brazilian Corporation of Agricultural Research, in addition to not harming the environment, this activity preserves the Pantanal and promotes the social inclusion of Pantanal families.

Cattle are considered the “Firemen of Pantanal” because they feed from pasture that would boost the annual burning of the region.  Because Korin works with heifers, farmers can increase their income as males are easily sold, while females do not reach the same commercial value.

Bovino no Pantanal


Frozen cuts:


Top/bottom sirloin

Prime rib

Strip loin



Round (upper)

Round (lower)

Brisket muscle




Chuck tender roll

Chilled cuts:

Top/bottom sirloin

Intercostal meat

Strip loin

Rib eye

Round (lower)


Bottom sirloin

Round (outer)

Bottom sirloin/flank


Rear shank

Rump cover