Korin is one of the first companies in the world, and the first one in Brazil, to produce chickens and eggs without using antibiotics as growth promoters or medication.  Therefore, it is a leader in this new method of production.

This is one of the reasons why Korin is the first Brazilian company to achieve the certification of Animal Welfare of the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), which is a certification granted to  production enterprises that implement and follow strict rules related to animal welfare.  Both the antibiotic-free, organic, free-range broiler chicken husbandry and slaughter system,  as well as egg-laying chicken farming, are certified by Ecocert certification body.

We seek to provide consumers with healthy, high-quality products manufactured with respect for the environment.  Therefore, we produce various types of Korin chickens and all of them follow strict quality processes. We ensure compliance with the norms and standards of each farming process.

To ensure compliance with these requirements in practice, farms and farming processes are evaluated by independent certification bodies accredited by INMETRO. Integrated poultry producers are inspected, as well as our feed mill and slaughterhouse (with supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture/Federal Inspection Service, MAPA/SIF).  The certificate granted by the certification body ensures compliance with the standards.  Activities or practices that harm the environment or cause social harm to the communities involved in the production are not supported.

Korin chicken products are marketed whole or as cut-up parts. They can be chilled (stored at temperatures between 0 and 4°C, with a 10-day expiration date) and frozen (stored below -12°C, with a 1-year expiration date).  The packaging of cut-up parts are 600-g trays, an appropriate size for small families.