For Export

Korin Organic Chicken for Export

Korin has been exporting organic chicken since November 2016 to Hong Kong.

Korin organic chickens are exported in whole versions and parts ( breast fillet, middle joint wings, drumsticks, thighs, wings and wing drumettes).


Hong Kong is one of the largest chicken consumers in the world. It is a demanding and well informed market and is willing to pay a little more for quality products. There are already organic brands, but Korin was sought after to produce antibiotics free chickens, with animal welfare and based on Natural Agriculture. By setting the mark on that market, the company also intends to introduce the AF chicken into that market.
This was the first organic chicken export in Brazil. Other countries have already shown interest in importing our chicken, but all are under study, such as Peru, Colombia, Chile, Angola, the United Arab Emirates and some European countries.


Network store that will sell Korin chickens in Hong Kong.

Network store that will sell Korin chickens in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, the Korin brand is represented by the Earth & Barrow, brand of our partners Novant Limited and is available in the largest Southeast Asian supermarket network: Park N Shop.
This export does not compromise our domestic production, since the goal stipulated for export is a maximum of 10% of our production of organic chickens.



  • Whole chicken;
    IQF cuts (thigh, overcoat, wing, middle wing, wing thigh and breast fillet) 700g.

This product is not available in the Brazilian market.