Beef Patties (Hamburger)

Cattle raised at Brazilian Pantanal


Tasty and healthy, they came to bring convenience with health and respect for nature to your kitchen.

Prepared with meat from sustainable cattle, the Korin beef patties bring all the purity of the herds fed with native pastures of the Brazilian Pantanal in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul – consisting of vegetables without use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Unlike most of the world’s livestock, ours do not receive antibiotics, chemotherapy and hormones as growth promoters, nor urea in their food, instead they are fed with grains to gain weight only in the last months of life. This system allows a 90% reduction of anthelmintics, compared with conventional production.

The herd lives in harmony with the regional flora and fauna. The animals are not confined and live with native wildlife species, such as feral pigs, deer, emus, armadillos, and jabirus.  Thus, each heifer has an area of 3 hectares to express their natural behavior and feed, just like the other animals.

Studies indicate that 98% of the natural resources used in cattle raising are renewable, therefore the animal husbandry practiced in the Pantanal region is a sustainable system.  According to EMBRAPA – Brazilian Corporation of Agricultural Research, in addition to not harming the environment, this activity preserves the Pantanal and promotes the social inclusion of Pantanal families.

The taste is harmonized with spices and natural flavorings, and all this with low amount of fat. Your family will love it!


  • Package with 360g, with 4 frozen units.
  • Nutritional Facts Per Serving (1 piece 90g):
  • Energy: 127 kcal = 533 kJ DV: 6% Carbohydrates: 1.6 g DV: 1% Protein: 15 g DV: 19% Total Fat: 6 g DV: 11% Saturated Fat: 2 g DV: 10% Dietary fiber: 0.8 g DV: 3% Sodium: 390 mg DV: 16%
  • DV – daily value
  • Does not contain significant amounts of trans fat.
  • Ingredients:
  • Beef Meat, Water, Beef Fat, Sodium Textured Protein, Spices: Onion, Salt, Spices: Garlic Powder and Onion Powder, Natural Flavoring: Onion Essential Oil, Stabilizer: Sodium Polyphosphate (INS 452i) and Antioxidant: Sodium Isoascorbate (INS 316).