Chicken Sausage

Korin chicken sausages are now available in the market. These are the only sausages made of Korin chicken meat, antibiotic-free poultry exclusively fed with vegetable feed. Korin chicken production earned the Animal Welfare Approved certification.  The sausage flavors available include Herbs, Pepper, and Wine. Korin sausages are seasoned with natural spices. Neither artificial food coloring nor monosodium glutamate is added to the product.


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Korin chickens don’t receive antibiotics as therapeutic or as growth promoters, and have Animal Welfare certificate, granted by the organization Humane Farm Animal Care .

They are certified as free of antibiotics and animal ingredients in their feed, by the certification body World Quality Services (WQS) , according to the Guidelines for Production, Slaughtering and Laboratory Control for Alternative Certificate Chicken, issued by the Association of Alternative Aviculture – AVAL.


  • Chicken Meat Sausage with Herbs, chilled, 500 g
  • Chicken Meat Sausage with Wine, chilled, 500 g
  • Chicken Meat Sausage with Pepper, chilled, 500 g