Ready to Eat Roasted Chicken

A delicious healthy option for those who need convenience in the kitchen.
Consumers will be amazed by the delicious taste of the available versions.

Like the whole line of Korin chickens, the Ready to Eat chicken cut-up parts are made of antibiotic-free chicken meat (such as antibiotic drugs or growth promoters). There are no animal origin ingredients in the chickens’ feed as well, i.e.: 100% vegetable feed, providing an unmatched flavor to the certified product and being in compliance with animal welfare criteria.

The selected cut-up parts of chilled Korin chicken are carefully seasoned with natural products without preservatives and are marinated for about 12 hours under refrigeration.


In continuous oven with controlled time and temperature, the cut-up parts are placed on a treadmill to roast.

The parts are then frozen using the IQF technology (Individually Quick Frozen). This quick-freezing technique is aimed at providing convenience to consumers because the individual cut-up parts are available in the same package.

There is no need to defrost, simply warm them up:

  • 400-g packaging;
  • Four different chicken cut-up parts are available: drumsticks, 2- wing drumettes, thighs, and  middle-joint wings;
  • Flavors: Barbecue and Traditional;
  • No added preservatives.
  • The traditional flavor offers a touch of parsley, with natural taste of onions, garlic, and oregano.
  • The barbecue flavor offers the consumer the delicious taste of grilled chicken, with the typical taste of a good barbecue chicken.

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