The main characteristic of Korin eggs is its production system.

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At Korin, we use a different process: chickens do not receive antibiotics, chemotherapy, anticoccidial, antifungal drugs, or artificial growth promoters. And not receive feed with meat meal, bone or viscera, produced with waste from the slaughterhouse itself. We do this to ensure that for our customers are offered products free of any chemical residues.

Another big difference is that our  hens are not kept in cages. They can move freely inside the poultry house and lay eggs in nests. This is done to ensure the welfare of animals, because that way they can express their natural behaviors inherent to the species.

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Korin was granted the second ECO-Amcham (American Chamber of Commerce) Award in a row for developing a methodology of egg production using  hens that live outside cages. Korin stood out in the category of Sustainability in Processes among small- and medium-size companies.

Korin’s egg production is based on the efficient use of natural resources and conditions that ensure the quality of life of layer chickens – eliminating even the use of antibiotics or artificial processes to make the production cycle faster.

The fact that the  hens  will be raised out of cages allows them to move around and sparingly compete for food. They establish hierarchical and social ties and express behaviors that are intrinsic to the species, such as laying eggs in nests, perching, scratching, and reducing heat by opening their wings. Such conditions create an environment that harmonizes with the idea of production according to natural principles.

The focus on the quality of life of chickens is required by society, which is increasingly concerned with environmental issues and animal welfare. Another advantage of the Korin method is that the natural production makes the layer hens to live longer. The production cycle takes approximately 20 months to be completed. Three months longer than the conventional method.