Organic and Sustainable Coffee

Korin is launching its new line of coffees, available in both sustainable and organic versions.

Grown in the south of Minas Gerais and in the Mogiana region of São Paulo. Produced on small family farms combined with careful roasting and packaging industrial process.
Natural management of crop harvesting.

Selected farms

High antioxidant content



•   Roasted and ground organic coffee, 250g


café organico grãos

•   Organic coffee beans, 500 g


•   Roasted and ground sustainable coffee, 500 g

reserva grãos

•   Ground sustainable coffee beans, 1Kg


Less pesticides, more respect and MUCH more flavor!

According to the United Nations (UN), sustainability “is meeting the needs of current generations without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.”*

Independent companies guide engaged producers with the benefits of producing high quality coffees with sustainability. The annual traceability, from production planning until post-harvest, helps the producer to rationalize water resources in the production and during the separation of grains, and the energy expended in drying grain.

Korin chose the Reserva Sustentável coffee from South Minas Gerais state because of its striking features:

Medium body, balanced aroma and acidity, resulting in an INTENSE drinking.

Korin’s Reserva Sustentável coffee comes from the selection of farms where agricultural management respects the environment and the farmer, reducing the use of polluting inputs such as pesticides, generating economic, social and environmental sustainability.

*UN, Brundtland Commission, in the publication “Our Common Future”, Oxford University Press, 1987 p. 47.