Organic Beekeeping Products



Try our honey and the benefits of propolis produced from the nectar of wild flowers from the Atlantic forest reserves. These reserves are certified and there is no use of pesticides and antibiotics.

The organic beekeeping developed by Korin is based on strictly controlled processes resulting in high-quality products, valued farmers, and environmental preservation. Organic beekeepers from the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina preserve the wild vegetation areas where there are hives. By doing that they work as ecological agents, preserving biomes of high environmental interest, water and air quality, and biodiversity.

Korin’s Line of Beekeeping Products (honey, propolis, and mouth freshener) consists of socially just products, because these products provide farmers with the opportunity of increasing their incomes, remaining in the country, and participating in environmental education programs and farming management training, thus continuously improving the quality of the products.

The natural characteristics of Korin Organic Honey are highly preserved, with unmatched and special taste, as well as very high quality. Honey has antioxidant properties and help ­fix calcium in the tissues.


Organic certification is awarded to all beekeepers by the IMO (Institute for Marketecology, based in Switzerland) and this certification ensures that consumers are buying products in compliance with the standards set up by the legislation, whose main focuses related to organic beekeeping are:

  • Hives located in native areas far from crops where pesticides or transgenic seeds are used. Control of these areas based on mapping of organic hives;
  • Animal welfare: the bees need thermal comfort and sufficient food reserves to survive during periods of harsh climate and when the flower blooming season ends;
  • Best practice of production and manufacturing: strict attention to personal hygiene, use of equipment, and facilities throughout the whole production chain, resulting in a final product with preserved natural characteristics;
  • Chemical and synthetic products are strictly forbidden: only Nature products and those certified for organic production are allowed;
  • Traceability: strict control of product traceability, record of the entire production chain, from the organic apiary to the end consumer;
  • All procedures are documented, and there are annual audits including inspection of producers and product processing to check the organic conditions;
  • A Meeting of Organic Beekeepers is held every year. This is an opportunity for exchange of experiences and knowledge through workshops, lectures, and networking.

Two-thirds of the foods we eat are grown with the help of bees (pollination). In recent years, the number of bees in the world has decreased. Pesticides are among the main causes.


  • Organic Honey, 300-g jar
  • Organic Honey, 300-g tube
  • 4-g Honey Sachets, 10 units
  • Propolis, 30 ml
  • Mouth Freshener, 30 ml