Organic Soybean Oil


Korin soybean oil is a non-transgenic vegetable oil, with no pesticide used in the soybean crops.
In the oil extraction process, the grains are cold pressed mechanically without the addition of chemical solvents, unlike conventional soybean oils.

Because soy is a vegetable, it is naturally cholesterol-free. It helps protect the cardiovascular system because of its high content of fatty acids, omega 3, and omega 6.

The consumption of Korin Organic Soybean Oil benefits the environment, farmers, and consumers. The soybeans used to produce this oil is grown in family farms, thus promoting the integration of these farmers into the production chain, preserving the environment, as well as the farmers and consumers’ health. A certified organic product guarantees a fair production chain where everyone gets benefits.

Korin believes that there is a great advantage for consumers when they eat oils that were not extracted using aggressive methods, just like all conventional vegetable oils (not only soybean oil) based on the use of high temperatures, high pressure, and petrochemical solvents. Korin soybean oil is extracted using the same method as extra virgin olive oil. Soybeans are cold pressed and, during this process – crushing/mechanical pressing – most of the grains’ oil is extracted (approximately 65% of the oil content). During the conventional oil manufacturing process, nearly all oil content is extracted (95%) using high temperatures and the chemical solvent hexane.

See the table below for the special characteristics of Korin organic oil.

Steps of Oil Production

Soybean Production

Large farms

Small family farms
Crude Oil Extraction Grain cooking and use of chemical solvent (Hexane). Mechanical cold crushing/pressing.
Extraction of 95% of the oil from the grain. Extraction of 65% of the oil from the grain.
Refining Chemical Process Mechanical/Physical Process
Clarification Use of Acid-activated Clay Use of natural Clay
Neutralization Use of Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) and Phosphoric Acid It is not done
Final Step Addition of Synthetic Antioxidant and Citric Acid

Addition of Citric Acid

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