How we raise chickens



No antibiotics

Our care with chicken farming starts at the hatchery, stage after which the birds are not given antibiotics.



Certificações NAAU + IBD Não OGM

The feed provided to our birds also has some differentials, including:
— Free of performance enhancers and anticoccidials;
— Free of animal products;
— Free of genetically modified ingredients;

Oils and herbal extracts

Instead, we choose to add essential oils and herbal extracts to the feed (which is plant-based) to promote gut health.



Animal Welfare

Korin was the first company in Brazil to receive an international animal welfare certification, when this was not even discussed in the country or worldwide.

Free hens

One of the welfare practices we follow is a lower stocking density per m2 and the promotion of animal’s natural behavior.

Hens resting

Also, our birds can continuously rest in dark spaces as it would be in nature.


It is also important to talk about who takes care of the birds with so much love and dedication! Our production is predominantly developed by family farmers who live close to Korin’s industrial hub.


In addition to these differentials, our production is environmentally friendly – without soil contamination and preserving the riparian forests and water sources.