Korin roasted chicken cuts: health, quality and practicality

em 28 de Dec de 2023

Know Korin roasted chicken cuts, which are ready to serve

Korin has just launched a product line in partnership with the TV host and chef Edu Guedes to bring even better taste, health and practicality to your daily life.

Boa Pedida (Good Choice) line was updated and now offers seasoned roasted chicken cuts, which are ready to be consumed at any time.

Learn more in the following article and know where to find Korin roasted products.

Korin roasted products: chicken cuts ready to be served

To ensure the juiciness of the meat, Korin has chosen four different cuts: drumsticks and thighs, mid wings, half chicken, and drumettes.

Each cut is seasoned with a mix of natural ingredients, including onion, garlic and salt, which makes them taste homemade.

Like other prepared meals, you just have to heat the product in the oven or microwave before serving.

Korin roasted products: quality and safety

Korin roasted chicken cuts are the only ones that are seasoned, roasted and chilled, and have a 6-month shelf life.

Thanks to the production process, which involves a technology capable of providing an efficient heat treatment to eliminate microorganisms, the products have an extended shelf life if kept under refrigeration in their original packaging.


Korin roasted products: signature from chef Edu Guedes

The signature from chef Edu Guedes further validates the quality of Korin products, which can be found in the most influential kitchens.

Also, it will soon be part of other Boa Pedida (Good Choice) items such as sausage skewers, chicken hamburger, seasoned IQF chicken and chicken sausage.

Korin roasted products: health on the plate

Boa Pedida (Good Choice) roasted products are made with chicken from Korin, the only company in Brazil that has been granted NAAU (No Antibiotics and No Anticoccidials Used) certification, which attests that the birds are reared without the use of anticoccidials or any synthetic substances that could affect body’s functioning and health.

The birds are fed diets free of genetically modified grains. Also, all Korin food products follow the principles of Nature Farming.

This method, advocated in the 1930s by Mokichi Okada as an alternative to the excessive use of pesticides in agricultural crops, favors the perfect balance between human health, care with the farmers and use of natural resources. This is done to ensure the production of healthy, vital energy-rich foods.

Korin roasted products are available in different points of sale.

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