Production of Boa Pedida free-range Eggs from Korin’s happy hens



No antibiotics

Our care with chicken farming starts at the hatchery. Stage after which the birds are not given antibiotics.



NAAU certification.

Also, during all the production stages feed is formulated without therapeutic antibiotics, performance enhancers or anticoccidials, which is attested by NAAU certification.

Plant-Based Food

No animal products are added to the feed provided to our hens.


We also do not add genetically modified grains to the feed.

Oils and herbal extracts

Instead, we choose to add essential oils and herbal extracts to the feed to promote gut health.


Do you know that yellow yolk? Here at Korin we do not add any artificial colorings to the feed to modify the yolk color. We only use natural beta-carotene-rich ingredients.



Family Production

We use a free-range rearing system and the production is predominantly family-based.

Animal Welfare

Our hens are reared free from cages, have access to outdoor areas, and are protected against natural predators. Due to this, we are the first company in Brazil to receive an international animal welfare certification.

We do not use cages

Another pioneer differential: we have never used cages or forced molting. It shows respect to the animal as a sentient being.

Free hens

Our happy hens are reared at a lower density per m2. This means more comfort and space for the animals to manifest their natural behavior, such as scratching the ground and flapping their wings.


To ensure the creation of clans, social coexistence and higher animal welfare, our hens are raised in the presence of roosters.


Finally, the hens lay their eggs in nests, respecting their welfare and the quality of the products. The result of so much care is the production of tasty and nutritious eggs.