Nature Farming

Created by Mokichi Okada in Japan in the 1930s, Nature Farming method is the base for all our activities and drives the purpose of the company.

Mokiti OkadaThe Nature Farming method was advocated by Mokichi Okada (Japan, 1882-1955) as an alternative to the problems arising from conventional farming practices in the 1930s. When analyzing the conventional farming methods, Mokichi Okada was concerned about the excessive use of agrochemicals and their effects on the soil.

As an observer of nature principles, he created the Nature Farming method to rescue soil and food purity, preserve diversity and biological balance, and contribute to improving human’s quality of life. Mokichi Okada warned that the “good results” obtained from the indiscriminate use of agrochemicals should be carefully evaluated as they are temporary and cause serious environmental impacts: Presence of chemical residues in foods, changes in food taste, adverse effects on farmer’s health due to product handling, adverse effects on consumer’s health, and the severe environmental degradation that interferes with the entire food chain, including the contamination of springs, rivers, lakes and groundwater.

Nature Farming

The use of agrochemicals was widespread and intensified as a conventional practice after the First World War, period in which the food shortage boosted agricultural production rapidly and on a large scale. This resulted in a devastating environmental impact. The application of agrochemicals in the soil alters its natural cycle and causes a biological imbalance due to the elimination of microorganisms that are essential for plant development. After their characteristics are modified, the plants become dependent on these chemicals.

As a solution, Mokichi Okada recommended the application of a sustainable farming method, which preserves the environment, promotes health, and provides pure and tasty foods. The method favors the strength of the soil, whose quality is a key factor to ensure good harvests. According to this principle, soil fertilization refers to the strengthening of its natural energy. To do so, simply make it pure and clean. The purer the soil, the higher its strength to promote plant development.