Privacy Policies

This privacy notice informs you about the types of personal information collected through our website. By collecting this information, we are acting as a data controller and are required by law to provide you with information about us, why and how we use your data, and the rights you have over your data.

1. Who are we?

We are KORIN AGROPECUÁRIA LTDA., a company registered under CNPJ no. 00.153.705/0001-49, located at Rua Humberto I, nº 612, Vila Mariana, Zip Code 04018-031, in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo. You can contact us at

The contact details of our Data Protection Officer are as follows:

EVER CONSULTORIA EM TELEFONIA EIRELLI, enrolled under CNPJ no. 34.211.255/0001-15, located at Rua Nagib Miguel, 316, Rooms 22 and 23, Jardim Recanto do Bosque, in the city of São João da Boa Vista, state of São Paulo, Brazil. E-mail:

2. Cookies installed in the browser when you use our website

When you view the information available on our website, several cookies are used by us and by third party providers for the website to function properly.

Some of the cookies we use are strictly necessary for the website to function, and we do not ask for your consent to store them in your device.

2.1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files used to store information, which are placed on your device by the websites you visit. They are widely used to make websites work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the website owners.

2.2. Can I disable the cookies?

With the exception of necessary cookies, which allow the website to function, you are not required to authorize the use of cookies.

Our website automatically collects only those cookies classified as necessary, which enable you to open our homepage, and to navigate and access the basic functionalities of the website.

The other categories of cookies require your consent to be activated. Therefore, if you want to have a better and complete experience on our website, we suggest that you authorize all cookies in the Cookie Management banner located in the left corner of the website page.

2.3. What happens if I reject one or several cookies?

If you choose not to allow some or all cookies, the website may not function as expected.

Remember that you can always clear cookies in your browser settings.

2.4. How do I choose cookie preferences?

You can change your cookie preferences at any time by clicking on the privacy icon that appears in the lower left corner of the website page, choosing which cookies you want to accept/reject. You may have to refresh the page for your settings to take effect and also adjust your preferences.

3. Your privacy

We do not use the personal information you provide for any purpose other than those specified in this Privacy Notice.

Whenever there is a change in the way we use your personal information, we will update this document and, if necessary, we will request a new consent.

3.1. Processing of personal data on our website

By browsing our website, you understand that we may collect, process and store your personal data when we deem it necessary to provide our services, for the following purposes:

  • Customer Service (SAC): In this section you can send your message about any matter such as questions, requests and suggestions;
  • I want to work at Korin: In this section you can apply for job vacancies in our company. If selected, you will participate in a selection process, and if approved you will join the company’s team;
  • I want to be a sales representative: In this section you can apply to be a sales representative in our company;
  • I want to purchase products (individual entity): In this section you can purchase our company’s products;
  • I want to be a supplier: In this section, you can apply to be one of our company’s supplier;
  • I want to produce chicken and eggs for Korin: In this section, you can apply to be one of our chicken and egg producers;
  • Agricultural inputs (Bokashi);
  • I want to open a Korin franchise: In this section, you can apply to be one of our franchise partners;
  • E-mail marketing: Here you can register your e-mail to receive our newsletter.


For all the purposes described above, except for e-mail marketing, we request that you fill in a form with the following data:

  • Subject;
  • Name;
  • E-mail;
  • Phone number;
  • State;
  • City;
  • Neighborhood;
  • Message.

The hypothesis of data processing for the purposes above is based on consent, as defined in article 7o I of GDPR. By submitting your personal information, you are accepting all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice, according to the disclaimer that appears below the form (before Submit button). You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time through the contacts mentioned in this Privacy Notice.

3.2. Personal data sharing

We share your data with third parties in order to respond to and manage your requests, register and select you in the selection processes, or allow you to browse our website. Under no circumstances do we sell or share your personal information to or with third parties without your consent.

4. Data security

We are responsible for adopting security, technical and administrative measures capable of protecting your personal data from unauthorized access and accidental or unlawful situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or any form of inappropriate or unlawful processing.

5. Term of data processing

The terms for processing your personal data will respect the existing laws in our country including, but not limited to, the Civil Code, Consumer Defense Code, Code of Civil Procedure and Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT).

6. Your rights as a data subject

The GDPR guarantees rights to individuals whose personal data are processed (data subjects). As the owner of your personal data, you can request the options below:

  • Access and confirmation of the existence of personal data processing;
  • Updating, correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
  • Anonymization, blocking or deletion of data that is unnecessary, excessive or processed data in violation of the provisions of the GDPR;
  • Data portability, subject to applicable regulations and commercial and industrial secrets;
  • Information on public and private entities with which the Controller shared data;
  • Information about the possibility of not providing consent and the consequences of the denial;
  • Revocation of consent, which can be carried out at any time and free of charge, upon express manifestation;
  • Request the elimination of Processed Personal Data with consent, except in cases where the maintenance of the data is necessary or permitted by law;
  • Opposition to processing carried out based on other legal grounds, in case of non-compliance with the GDPR, noting that there may be situations in which we may continue to carry out the processing and refuse your request for opposition;
  • Request the cancellation of information sending by Korin Alimentos through our communication channels.

To exercise your rights over your personal data, you can activate our service channels mentioned in the field “Who Are We?” of this Privacy Notice.

We emphasize that we may keep some data and/or continue to carry out the processing, even in the event of a request for deletion, opposition, blocking or anonymization, in some circumstances, such as to comply with legal obligations.

7. Updates to this privacy notice

We regularly review and, if appropriate, update this privacy notice from time to time and as our services and use of personal data evolve, always in accordance with the law and our internal data protection policies. If we want to use your personal information in a way that we have not previously identified, we will contact you to provide information about it and, if necessary, to ask for your consent.