Social-Environmental Responsibility Policy

Korin Agropecuária is committed to performing its business activities and developing its relationships in a simple, responsible, transparent and ethical way. The company seeks the continuity of its relationships based on corporate values and also on what it believes to be the key concepts for a sustainable operation: being socially and culturally accepted, ecological, economic, healthy, having safe products and practicing fair trade.

In order for this to happen, our activities are based on the following assumptions:

To search for product quality and process improvement in order to meet the interests of strategic customers.

To be socially responsible in the locations in which we operate.

To contribute to the professional and personal development of the employees and to the continuous promotion of good working conditions and environment.

To incorporate recycling concept and practice into our production chain.

To take actions to minimize the emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases, and work to reduce the environmental impacts.

To comply with laws and regulations applicable to the products, environment, health and safety.

Our Socio-Environmental Responsibility Policy has the objective to validate company’s actions in the fields of socio-environmental responsibility and sustainability. Also, it represents Korin’s commitment advocated by Mokichi Okada and applied by the company through a socio-environmental and economically responsible model.



To involve company’s human resources in the actions guided by this Policy.


To promote a sustainable, socio-environmental awareness along the entire production chain, mainly to the internal team and farmers.


To define clear guidelines for company’s socio-environmental and sustainable actions.


To guarantee the continuity, attendance and permanence of the developed actions.


To institutionalize the “socio-environmental” and “sustainable” themes within the company, especially for senior management teams.

All guidelines and actions set out in this document are submitted to company’s Board of Directors for approval. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that social responsibility concepts and practices are effectively incorporated and reflected in the activities performed by each company’s sector. Therefore, Korin Agropecuária is committed to:

Encouraging customers, suppliers and other participants in the production chain to value the principles related to social responsibility.

Disseminating the results of social responsibility actions in a broad and transparent manner, including through the publication of company’s Corporate Sustainability Report, in order to fulfill our accountability to the society and reference the action of other social actors.

Incorporating and disseminating internally the concepts of social responsibility as part of company’s management culture.

Promoting actions of Private Social Investment in the communities where the company operates aiming to contribute to the building of a fairer and more balanced society.

Prioritizing ISP initiatives aligned to the issues, public and locations that have been indicated and defined.

Acting in accordance with the principles of UN Global Compact.

Supporting the improvement of quality of life and respect to the environment.

Structuring, disseminating, implementing and encouraging volunteering practices among employees, taking into consideration their personal motivations and skills, and the established criteria and targets, besides providing them with opportunities to develop their own leadership capacity, thus qualifying their social actions.

Acting in line with the commitments of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) within the scope of activity and capacity to promote change.

Promoting actions that generate work and income and ensure individuals and their families the autonomy necessary to achieve better food, housing, education, health and leisure conditions.