Sustainable and Organic Family Farming

We have a differentiated farming method based on the respect and encouragement of economic and social development of local farmers and their families; on the respect to the soil, plants and animals; and on the passion for farming and production of vital energy-rich foods.

Organic farmers are members of the Family Farming model. It is the case of farmers who cultivate rice, beans, coffee and other cereals.

Besides them, Korin works in partnership with more than 30 chicken and egg producers in an integrated system model. Many of them have been with us for three generations. We also have cattle and fish producers.

It favors the strength of the soil

A key factor to ensure good harvests

Qualified farmers

Conscious use of natural resources

Respect to the soil

Agricultural livestock production that follows values and concepts

Korin is not only aware of the ecological values, but it is also concerned with the social links that drive production. For this reason, the company encourages and guides farmers who form the network of suppliers and employees for the formation of sustainable family agricultural units.

We do this through innovative initiatives and actions capable of generating economic and social development. In addition, Korin works in collaboration with small and medium-sized producers by transferring knowledge and technology for the practice of Nature Farming method.

All this effort has as main objective to develop a fair farming practice capable of protecting environmental integrity and product quality, without adversely affecting the health of farmers and consumers.