We are a Brazilian company founded in 1994 with a corporate view based on the principles and methods of Nature Farming advocated by Mokichi Okada, which favors the perfect balance between human health, care with the farmers and use of natural resources.

We are proud to be pioneers in poultry production without the use of genetically modified grains or antibiotics, whether therapeutic or as growth promoters.

For us, it is fundamental to integrate ecological and social values in order to produce natural foods (free of pesticides); motivate and technically guide farmers so they can strengthen the self-sustainable agricultural family units; and also adopt and transfer innovative technology initiatives which can promote economic and social development of the individuals.

We work in partnership with more than 40 family farmers in an integrated system model, to whom we transfer technologies for the practice of Nature Farming method.

We are committed to the development of a fair farming practice capable of producing pure foods, without adversely affecting the health of farmers and consumers, and protecting environmental integrity.

We are ethically responsible for ensuring not only the quality of our products but their guarantee of origin.

Our concept of sustainability

“A sustainable product originates from a production chain that preserves the environment. Korin products are free of chemical inputs and values the work and health of all individuals, from rural to large urban centers.”

Mokichi Okada’s Nature Farming

Mokichi Okada’s Nature Farming

Know the agricultural method created by Mokichi Okada

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

We are the first company in Latin America to receive an international animal welfare certification. Know more.

Social-environmental Actions

Social-environmental Actions

Doing good, naturally, for all. Know more about our social-environmental actions.

See how we raise chickens

Know more about the laying hens


To provide true health through the access to Nature Farming food products.

Principles and Values